Black Forest Slash-Mulch Program

Videos of action at the Slash Mulch Site
These clips run in size from 200K to 7Meg. Be patient.
No one is allowed on site grounds when the grinder is in operation.
Sometimes the videos don't autostart, click the name again.
  • Ruth Ann, our leader
  • Checking in at the front gate
  • Unloading
  • Piles of slash
  • Standard hectic day
  • Loading by hand #1
  • Loading by hand #2
  • Loading by hand #3
  • Feeding the Beast
  • Output from the Beast
  • Re-piling slash
  • A close up look at the piles
  • Re-Piling mulch
  • A scan of the yard
  • 360 view of the operation from on high
  • ~